• PassCount Deployment in retail & other commercial areas

PassCount deployment in commercial sector

PlazaInfo is an efficient tool via real time monitoring & data processing of people counting data measured by 3D PassCount to increase sales and for best utilization of staff and moreover to keep under control of energy bills. Retail stores are very dynamic in terms of peoples actions and behavior. By using PlazaInfo shoppers behavior could be monitored and influenced and shop locations for operators and tenants could be optimized within the building, while rental fees and shop revenues could be maximized.

Real time data enables retailers to best optimize and locate their store layouts, product locations according to selling figures and interest of customers. With the combination of people counting and heat map solution staff allocation and its best usage could be achieved as well for the benefit and satisfaction of shoppers.

Financial activities, results

Increase your sales and improve of your ROI
by applying lerned customer behaviour
Increase of effectiveness of loss minimization
Increase of profit by right performance measures

Sales support

Product information in sales areas, departments
Ability to compared shops within chains
Up to date sales details for better decisions
Overall increase of efficiency
Real time traffic monitoring with up to 99 % count accuracy


Clear measure of campaign returns (f.e.: direct marketing actions)
Validation of new business concepts
Benchmarking: the ability to pin point highest and lowest
performing stores and its performances

Optimization of Human
Resources (HR)

Remote monitoring of staff and its
Optimum staff determination based on
real time demands, number of visitors
Enhanced work and workflow management
Flexible relocate staff where and whenever
needed, according to peak hours

Commercial applications - PlazaInfo

PlazaInfo provides via real time monitoring & data processing the ultimate answer about benefits out of monitoring customer numbers in managed shopping malls or shops.

By using PlazaInfo shoppers behavior could be monitored and influenced and shop locations for operators and tenants could be optimized within the building, while rental fees and shop revenues may be maximized.

PlazaInfo benefits for shopping mall operators

Rental contracts’ square meter prices depend on the locations of shops, hence the traffic of daily shoppers, the tenant mix and tenant location could be optimized, same time rental revenues could be maximized with the usage of PlazaInfo.
Provides answers to what to do when customer numbers in a mall drops to a predefined minimum, whats shall...

HeatMap based Shopper or museum visitors behavior analytic tool via dwelling time analysis. As technology is considered normal IP cameras are used to monitor certain areas of shops. This product is recommended to be used where high versatility of consumer products are in selling, like home appliances, mobile handsets, electronic appliances, shoes, clothes, etc. This solution could be also combined with our mobile phone based ShopAssistant solution, which could help shoppers to navigate into product locations within store.

ShopAssistant is a mobile telephone enabled solution of Intechsys Ltd., which makes possible in-door navigation in shops, plazas and buildings, by its deployment a priory set targets could be easily find due to path finding solutions. To make it simple, it helps you to find a shop in a mall. It can also plan the shortest path between two shops. You just choose a target, then you scan the closest QR code and determines your actual position. The path will be drawn on the map, or you can follow the arrow on the camera preview. On the map, you can zoom, move and choose category as you like. For more information please contact us or download our brochure.

The usage of presence, occupation management of office floors by using MEMS based thermal imaging sensory solutions. It can be deployed also in building security, fire alarming and detection, etc.

Provides answers to what to do when customer numbers in a mall drops to a predefined minimum, whats shall be done to attract new clients.
Provides real time data for security managers to handle security issues if shopping malls become overcrowded.
Energy consumption and ventilation of the building can be optimized depending on the number of visitors, as energy and ventilation needs linked to it. As the result the overall cost savings could be obtained via inputing load estimation based on people counting in energy management systems according to best industrial practices.

PlazaInfo Benefits for retail chains/shops

Finding the best place in a shop-
ping mall even before signing a rental contract.

Comparison of shops within a chain from the perspectives of customer traffic. PlazaInfo provides information which shops to develop and which ones to close down and optimize marketing tools to maximize shop turnover (e.g. which product should be placed to where within the shop).

PlazaInfo is a tool for human resources optimization within individual shops based on visitor traffic data (daily, weekly, seasonal distributions).

Successful implementations have already
happened with superior results

Currently working with TESCO on new plans
of implementations

Main features of our commercial line of business

Real time monitoring and processing of people traffic data

Best location of shop versus square meter prices

Alarming when number of shoppers exceeding predefined minimum or maximum values

Energy cost optimization based on real time shoppers data

Human resource management and optimization versus real time shoppers data

Other Commercial Products

We can further assist you with our innovative solutions to solve following problems and tasks

Make possible comparison of chain of shops within brand

Makes easy controlling and monitoring crowded scenes

Safety enhancement by exact measure of people flows

Visitors capacity monitoring in public areas like museums

Makes possible improvement of customer satisfaction

Queue management at front of cashiers of shops, malls

Exact measure of museum visitors spending in front of arts, paintings and statuary.

Easy to use iconic Web based user interface


Security & Privacy

All datas from sensors up to servers in cloud are secured and encrypted.


One pre-defined trigger levels reached, system sends out alarm signals via e-Mails, SMSs f.e. about reaching minimum or maximum people traffic data.

Cloud based

Processed count data could be accessed via any devices, like smart phones, Laptop or PC.

Automated reporting

Get warnings, alerts and reports in due time and regular basis in e-Mails or SMS-s.

Plug & Play

Whole system is wireless, therefore just power supplies need to be provided. Rest is delivered by us.

Mobile enabled

Data POSTing to servers is also made possible via GSM including 3G modems


Whole system works only when needed

Industrial grade

Sensory systems & Data Collection Units are all industrial grade