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About Us

Intechsys Ltd. was established in Year 2002. First activities were related to commercialization of own patents like single ticket solution for e-Ticketing and biometric identification patent based on human face and voice recognitions.

Since August 2007 new era has started and our focus is directed to special Intelligent Transportation System developments in the field of automated passenger counting. First developments were based on Infra Red (IR) sensory technologies. Full bus system is developed and sold in CEU market.

From year 2010 first steps were taken towards new sensory technologies, therefore 3D imaging technology developments started at the end of this year using depth ToF sensors.

From year 2015 after several years of development and international partnership and collaboration 3D sensory line is ready to be mass deployed in public transport automated passenger counting. In recent years in parallel PassCount development has been also expanded to commercial usage in the field of various people counting areas from plaza’s to intelligent buildings.

Our solutions are built around technologies and synergies of various image processing technologies from 2D to 3D depth sensing solutions, mobile data communication (GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G/4G) and integration of IT and GPS based M2M solutions.

The development, design, production and test of 3D PassCount system is done in our Budapest office, while the European sales activity is controlled via Paris and African sales activities via Pretoria.

From year 2015 Intechsys Ltd. also became global supplier of Vodafone.

Our mission


In people counting solutions and asset
tracking independent of operational
environment and electrical impacts
to provide service without occurrence
of failures with consequence on:
System operators

Highly accurate and reliable solutions

A solution always under control and with no
downtime due to high reliability and MTBF
figures of both HW & SW components


To protect people, information,
goods and assets against
any deliberate malicious
attack for example like theft
attempt of confidential

About Us

A core activity at the heart of INTECHSYS’ strategy

A global design approach, local thinking

A comprehensive portfolio of focused products
& solutions based on open architectures & Linux

Sound understanding of turnkey systems
and interested in long-term partnerships