• Broad experties in image processing & M2M We built on and offer for the benefit of our customers our long term
    ITS & ICT experiences


In terms of consultancy services Intechsys Ltd. builds on the long lasting, over 10 years of consultancy experience of management in different ITS/ICT projects with Magyar Telekom Group and Thales Communication & Security Solutions, Revenue Collection Systems. Moreover Intechsys is also entered into automotive industry, and carried out services in image processing application development for Zollner AG.

Capitalizing in afore-mentioned experiences Intechsys became very active in service provision areas, where due to complex nature of projects, consultancy like services are part of daily actions. The implementation of complex systems and solutions, such as PassCount is always done within the framework of Business Process Reengineering (BPR), as it is depicted on bellow figure, where whenever any new project starts we always do as first step Consultation, followed by Planning & Design, implementation often referred as System Integration, and finally Support if requested by clients.

Handling of complex systems and solutions first of all is a challenge and same time needs management of company processes and interfacing with existing ERP systems. The main aim of making BPR is to finally assist management with up to date information, where granulated, processed and finally optimized data makes possible deployment of latest decision support solutions, as it is shown on following figure.

Once Big Data out of for example passenger count records are available in public transport by using PassCount then experts system deployment is made possible, according to following figure. Optimization and control is made easy by own developments or through third party solutions, like IBM business analytic software tools or soft computing technologies.