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Is bidirectional movement of passengers could be detected with the Passenger Counting System?
Yes, PassCount passenger counting system is able to detect passengers when boarding or when leaving vehicles.

Is it possible to detect more people when getting on and getting off the vehicles at the same time?
Yes, the PassCount passenger counting system is able to tackle multiple passengers, independent of density.

What is GPS based localization?
The GPS (Global Positioning System) has been developed and operated globally by the Ministry of Defense of the US Government. Due to GPS in any point of the globe at any time our position could be detected with 1,5-2 meters of punctuality.

Is PassCount System could be linked to existing on-board unit (OBU) or drivers console, ticket issuing machines?
Yes, the PassCount system Data Collection Unit (DCU) could be linked to existing OBU-s or TIM-s via standard interfaces, such like RS232/RS485, IBIS or CAN bus.

What return of investment (ROI) is applicable?
The ROI of PassCount system largely depends on the existing fraud rate of PTO-s. According to today's best industrial practice in CEU countries the average ROI of PassCount system is in between of 6 up to 12 months.

Is there any possibility to use PassCount as mobile unit e.g. is it possible to relocate it to an other vehicle?
Yes, it is possible to make regular counting measurements upon request.

Is there any service-based option for the usage of PassCount?
In case of demand PassCount units could be used under service agreement, where service fee could be paid on a monthly basis. For more information on this service please contact us.