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Our Sensory Products


The 3D PassCount is an innovative embedded sensory solution with the operating principle based on Time of Flight (ToF) technique by using 19200 pixels (e.g 160x120 pixel resolution). The 90 degree field of view and up to 40 FPS perfectly matches demand of on-board vehicle deployment. The sensor has two InfraRed LEDs and the modulated IR waves are directed to the target objects need to be detected and the sensor detects the reflected IR component. By measuring the phase difference between the radiated and reflected IR waves the distance to the object can be calculated.

Thus the 3D PassCount sensor transforms the ToF positional data into a rich 3D image in real-time, including a grey-scale map, which is easily accessible for software analysis. The algorithm using full human body depth image to analyze passing through peoples height, head, shape and directions of motions.

Depth sensing is based upon standardized CMOS technology. The soul of whole sensor system is a dual core embedded Digital Signal Processor (DSP), where Core A handles depth image, and Core B host whole image processing application. Thanks to this as image processing is done already in the sensor.


High Counting Accuracy

Thanks to high resolution,
high FOV and sufficient FPS of 3D PassCount
sensors and well tested and proven image
processing technology subject to any lighting
and environmental conditions and regardless
of door height and width and passenger crowds,
independent of direction of motion of passengers.
It works in total darkness and sunshine.

Easy Installation and Compact Design

The footprint of sensor is only 104 x 63 x 45 mm (L x W x H)
and with pre-installable brackets installation time is shortened.
Not to speak about the fact that in case of WiFi solution no
cabling is needed, only plug into 24 DC power supply of sensors.
Flush mount version of enclosure is also available upon request.
Easy installation is also enhanced by user-friendly software
where parametrization could be even done through cloud as
all devices are accessible remotely.

Robustness and Reliable Design

3D printed enclosures or aluminium
alloys with IP65 environmental protection class,
with extended temperature - 40 to + 85°C range of
operation of all hardware components and with low power
consumption makes the 3D PassCount sensor ideal
for any types of transport or commercial applications.

High Reliability

Low Life Cycle Costs are ensured by using Unix/Linux
operating software and on-board diagnostic system
in place, where error messages and warnings are
stored in remote data base system in the cloud or
dedicated server of PTOs, operators. MTBF of sensors
is over 70.000,- hours!

Technical specifications
Temperature range - 40 °C … + 85 °C
Relative humidity < 95 % non-condensing
Pixel resolution 160 x 120
FPS up to 40
Field of view 90° in both directions
Sensing distance Depending on IR illumination up to 9 m
MTBF > 320.000 h (subject to transport mode)
Protection type IP65 (3D sensors)
Power supply 24 V DC (10 V .. 33 V DC), 0,7 A, electrically isolated up to 1 kV DC
Dimensions 3D sensor: 104 x 68,5 x 43 (L x W x H) in mm
OBU: 86,24 x 57,04 x 27 (L x W x H) in mm
WiFi or RS485, CAN bus, 4 isolated GPIO Interfaces (3D sensor)
Interfaces (OBU) RS232, RS485, IBIS, WiFi, CAN bus
OBU specification GPS/Glonass, 2G (GPRS/EDGE), or 3G or 4G (UMTS/HSPA)
Three main advantages

High reliability, no regular adjustment, maintenance is required. Parameter settings from cloud.

Life Cycle Cost
are kept under

Superior MTBF
for allhardware

Life cycle
management via
remote monitoring of
vehicle equipment


Very high accuracy, up to 99 % of 3D PassCount sensory system.

Overall system
accuracy is more
then just sensor

It is a system
and not only
of devices

Hight Tech solution
ensures accuracy
by using latest HW
and SW technologies


High reliability, no regular adjustment, maintenance is required. Parameter settings from cloud.

We understand both
travelers and
PTO-s demands

Being innovative and
use soft computing
tools to tackle
travel usage patterns

And it is still
for PTOs

Easy installation
thanks to pre-installable bracket

Our M2M products

thanks to pre-installable bracket

On-Board Units (OBU) are developed as spin off product of complex passenger counting systems, where OBU-s are handling wireless data communication, door handling and GPS/Glonass based navigation. We have complex ARM based OBUs and also cheap MCU based solutions based on Microchip. Our OBUs are scalable, from simple data collection function up to GNSS OBU with 3G, but GPRS/EDGE GSM communication is also supported. Moreover our OBUs are also WiFi and/or Bluetooth 4.0 enabled depending on applications and user needs.

Typical application areas

Primarily used in public transportation as part of PassCount system, but can be deployed in any automotive areas, where industrial grade (-40 C .. 85 C) conditions are needed to be meet. Our solutions are customizable.

Roadmap of product development

Start of new era in the field of APC by the deploying ITM’s 3D IR depth sensors. 64x48 pixel resolution, limited FOV (40x30 degree H xV, limited FPS, only 20 Hz. Big size, up to 98 % counting accuracy. 3D sensor and processing and ICT units are separated.

Development of 16 x 16 pixel resolution thermal imiging camera by using MEMS sensor.

Further downsizing of 3D PassCount sensor and to make it WiFi enabled,3D printed plastic housing is used with in built flat WiFi antenna, Fully Linux based solution & fully integrated sensor electronics.


First APC system development started by using array of IR sensors (3x2 “resolution”) up to 95 % counting accuracy. Big size, difficult to mount, RS422/232/485 LAN.

Development of single camera based heat map solution for retail sector.

Development of people counting solutions based on optical flow & the application of morphological filters.

Development of mass transit deployable 3D PassCount sensor based on ToF principle. Main features: 160x120 pixel resolution, 90 degree FOV both H and V, 40 FPS, small size up to 99 % counting accuracy, wired solution. All in one, dual core DSP, image processing is done in one core (thick client), metal housing.

Development of special asset tracking & theft prevention solution based on Bluetooth 4 LE beacons. ARM based GNSS OBU is hosting application. Development of low cost MCU based stand alone GPS trackers.

Modular 2nd generation 3G GNSS OBU with all in one interface features, including IBIS inteface needed for IVU OBU.