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Real time tracking of your vehicle.

Safety enhancement by means of special HW & SW
solutions both on OBU and on Back Office sides.

Convenient controlling of your car or fleet from cloud
even via your smartphone in your palm.

Remote monitoring of events including theft attempts, when
vehicle battery is disconnected for example.

Alarming either by SMS or by email notifications in case of any
events linked to vehicle statuses.

Fleet and route optimization based on advanced route planning
and optimization solutions.

Base features for B2C users
Value added services for B2B usersin addition to base services
OBU could be extended with wireless transmitters like WiFi and/or Bluetooth 4 BLE beacons in grid
to ensure asset safety and its theft prevention.
Fleet Management services.
Route optimization of vehicles by using advanced soft computing technologies.
Battery powered MCU based OBU-s for diversity of applications.
Creation of individual solutions based on your needs and our best approaches in problem solving by using
fusion of technologies, like image processing combined with most advanced M2M, telematic solutions.
User-friendly reports and plug and play export of data to Pdf, Excel or CSV formats.
Accident Reconstruction based on speed and acceleration data.
Stolen Vehicle Recovery by enhanced features like WiFi and/or BT4 based detection and GSM cell informations.
PassTrack advantages


As one of the backbones of system is the GPS/GLONASS
based fleet management system it helps companies get the most
out of their vehicles and their people. A fleet management system
can help you monitor individual's driving habits, and any theft
attempt behavior by which institute new rules to improve worker


Known where vehicles and goods (f.e. pallets) are, how
fast they're going and where they're headed at all times.
Record vehicle and BLE beacons information for review on
PassTrack servers.
Get email or text alerts if vehicles or tracked goods stray from
your parameters, and set route.

Cost effective

In today's competitive market, every advantage counts.
Fleet management can provide significant cost savings and
enhanced operational efficiencies for companies that rely upon
vehicle fleets. With the right fleet management system, you can
see a return on your investment in a year or less in many cases
as the efficiency of your company increases.


Number of benefits to clients who take advantage of
PassTrack services including:
As an option lower fuel costs.
Prevent theft attempts.
Improved planning & cost control.
Better productivity and employee accountability.
On-Line Data collection is made possible due to usage of GNSS OBU.

PassTrack Lite
Self service
R 1350 once off
Very friendly prices, communication expenses are included
(25,64 MB of data)
Optimized data usage
NO monthly fees, no bothering with in time payments
Cost of data is according to real usage (no waste of data,
no payment for unused data), no payment when no usage!
Minimum limit warning
Top up is possible after reaching minimum limits,
after 1 - 2 years of continious usage
All self services are managed from Web site
12 Months Warranty